Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Taking a dive into 2008

Cherry Cordial 1 FO

I thought I'd start the year off right with a picture of some actual knitting. Pictured above is my first Cherry Cordial Yarntini sock. It's just a plain vanilla sock which shows off the yarn to it's full advantage. Yarntini is one raved about yarn that has really stood up to its reputation. I only wish I had more in the stash. I'm almost to the heel of the second sock and can't wait until I can wear these.

YP  Rum Runner

I picked up the mail late yesterday because of the snow storm. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive this Yarn Pirate yarn from Tiennie. I left a comment on her blog and was one of the random winners. She chose this yarn to send to me. It's beautiful. Thank you so much Tiennie. It's generous bloggers and knitters that make this blog universe such a great place.

We broke with tradition last night and went to a neighbor's party to celebrate New Year's Eve rather than staying home with Chinese food and a movie. We all had a great time. The boys kept themselves quite busy with friends playing in and outside and eating lots of junk. The adults had a great time eating, drinking, and playing Taboo. All was good until 11:59 when, with a glass of champagne in my hand, I was told that Oldest Boy had cut his eye open. There was a nurse at the party who took a look at him and suggested a trip to the ER.

First Patient

Oldest Boy and I headed to the hospital about 25 minutes away. We were pleasantly surprised to find that on a snowy New Year's Eve there wasn't a single person in the waiting room. In fact, Oldest Boy was officially the first ER patient of 2008! Quite an honor I'm sure. Thankfully, nothing appears to be broken and his injuries were minor. The ER doc was able to superglue the laceration on his eyelid and sent us on our way. We made it home by 2 a.m. Oldest Boy may not look too pretty right now but it could have been a lot worse. Apparently, the boys were having snowball fights and using shovels to toss the snowballs. Oldest Boy went face first into a shovel.

2008 can only get better. Right?