Monday, January 14, 2008

A is for ...

ADAM - My first born son. Adam loves to be outdoors and enjoys sports of all kinds. His favorites are snowboarding, baseball and soccer.

adam ski lift

He's also quite the Guitar Hero. Seriously. He was great at it right out of the box. I love this picture of Adam on Christmas morning.

Guitar Hero

Unfortunately, he was very injury prone in 2007. He broke his arm snowboarding, his wrist skateboarding, and now has a serious ankle injury. He is scheduled for surgery before the end of this month. The ankle looks innocent enough, doesn't it?


Finally, because this is primarily a knitting blog, A is for Angora Rabbit. When I first started knitting I wanted one of these badly. I've since decided I do not want to learn to spin. Spinning would take away from knitting. The rabbits are still awesome.

angora bunny