Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby it's cold outside


I've heard that the Eskimos have many words for snow. Unfortunately, the English language is not terribly expressive or precise. What I want is a word to tell you how very cold it is outside. It is so cold that it hurts. So cold that it takes forever to warm up even when you come inside and sit by the wood stove. So cold that my eyes watered as soon as I stepped outside this morning for my walk. Freaking cold - that's what it is.

We planted this bulb a few days before Thanksgiving but it took this long to bloom because our windowsills are all so cold. I kept this Amaryllis on the windowsill above the kitchen sink for the past two months and enjoyed watching it slowly grow and open. We've moved it to the family room now where we all enjoy it's flowery show.

Zen Yarn Garden Harmony January

I got my first installment of the Zen Yarn Garden Harmony Semi Solid Sock Club. I've misplaced the ball band so I can't tell you the exact composition of the fiber but I know it's bamboo and merino. It's a huge hank of over 400 yards and it's soft and silky feeling. The color is named Down by the Bay and it has a watery blue/green/gray tone that is impossible to capture well on camera.

Brigit beginning

The difficult part is deciding what pattern to use with this beautiful yarn. I scoured my library of sock books but didn't find anything that grabbed me. I went through my queue on Ravelry and decided that this was the perfect yarn with which to make Brigit. I've got the cuff started but I really need to put it aside for a little bit. I need to finish the leg (about 1 inch), heel and gusset pick ups on my Madder Ribbed Sock. The Madder Ribbed Sock will be the perfect knitting to take with me to the hospital on Monday but only if I get through the heel and gusset. I'll need something totally mindless.