Monday, January 07, 2008

Vacation yarn

I thought I had mentioned that we were going on vacation but I looked back and I'm not sure I ever mentioned it. Last week, we went away for a few days with the boys. We stayed near the mountain where the boys have season ski passes at a lovely "resort". It really wasn't very resortish but we did have a nice little condo and there was an "amenities" building which had a big pool with water slides, a sauna, a Roman spa, a ping pong table, a racquetball court and a fitness room. The boys loved the amenities building and we spend much time in warm water. I also beat them all at ping pong many, many times. In fact, I thought I'd go undefeated until Mr. Baseball destroyed my record.

I intended to have pictures to share with all of you but it was too warm inside the pool area and my camera wouldn't lens kept getting steamed up. I couldn't take ping pong pictures because I was always playing. And, well, it was just too darned cold to take skiing pictures.

Vacation yarn

Instead I have this picture of vacation yarn. On the coldest day, when the high temperature was 12 degrees F, I skipped the skiing part of the day and headed over to Patternworks which was about 20 minutes away. I haven't been to Patternworks in years. It's a nice enough shop with lots and lots of room but I can't say that I'd hurry back. The staff working that day wasn't terribly pleasant or helpful and that always turns me off. I scored some lovely solid Koigu on sale for 50% to go with some Koigu already in my stash. I also got some yarn called Soxx Appeal because I just couldn't resist the name. It feels nice with good bounce and the color awesome. It will all have to marinate in the stash for now however.

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have a finished object to share along with some rather cute knitty thing I received in the mail today.