Thursday, January 17, 2008

Unoriginal Hat

Unoriginal Hat 2

After yet another snow storm on Monday that left about a foot of snow, I took the boys skiing on Tuesday. While the boys were on the slopes, I sat in the lodge and restarted my Unoriginal Hat. I did come to terms that the first one was not going to fit anyone's head. I couldn't find size 7 mm needles called for in the pattern but I was able to find some 6.75 needles.

I worked on the hat on and off during the day in the lodge and on and off some more that night at home. Before I went to bed I had a completed hat. It's still too small for me - and the style's not really flattering on me anyway. None of my boys want the hat so I'm putting it away for charity. Where should I send it? It would easily fit a child or young teen.

Unoriginal Hat 1

What a quick little knit! I'm very glad I added some bulky weight yarn to the stash.