Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Peer Pressure

I've had this Regia in my stash for years just waiting for some inspiration. One of the benefits of a knitting hiatus is that when you return there are many new things. Years ago, everyone was making the Peak Experience sock. Now it seems as though everyone has made a Jaywalkers sock. I was intrigued and figured I'd give the pattern a shot. I LOVE it. It's quick to knit, easy to memorize and makes a great looking pattern. These aren't moving too fast but I keep admiring them.

Works in Progress

If I don't post pictures of works in progress it will be a long time between posts. I've got two socks in progress right now and I'm itching to start some new socks. This picture is of the socks I'm making for my middle son. He wanted "blue" socks and I really didn't want to make "blue" socks. This blue, however, is really very pretty. There are actually many variations of blue in the yarn. I bought this yarn at my LYS. It's DK/Sport weight and knits up nicely. I added wooly nylon to the heel but I don't think I'll add it to the toe. Jared doesn't like a thick or bumpy toe.

First the good news ...

Here's the baseball news from best to worst:

  • The United States won the Little League World Series - even if you've never watched baseball before, the LL World Series is great. You would never believe the talent these young boys have. It was heartbreaking watching the Japanese players crying on the field after the game, collecting dirt from the field to take home with them.
  • My oldest son's team lost their first Fall Ball game on Saturday. They were losing 8-0 in the third inning and made a great comeback. They lost 8-7. The team played really well and we were all proud of them.
  • The Red Sox are tanking. It's pathetic and I can't even watch anymore.
Lots of baseball. Lots of time to knit. Sadly, my elbow has started bothering me so I'm trying not to knit too much when it hurts. I'm going to see the doctor on Friday but I'm pretty sure it's tendonitis and he'll prescribe rest and ice.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Baseball knitter

You'd have to be a Red Sox fan to understand. But even if you're not a Red Sox fan, even if you're just a baseball fan for any MLB team (except the Yankees), you know that baseball season in long. And baseball games are long. And cheering for the Red Sox can make both the season and every game seem even longer.

As a mom to three Little League playing boys, I'd like to say that Little League season is also long. And the games are long. And the practices are many and long. And the coaches ... well the coaches make you want to bite your tongue.

So I knit.

I knit at practices and games. I knit at home watching the Red Sox play. It keeps me in my seat and it helps me to keep my mouth shut. I'm a baseball knitter

Tuesday, August 22, 2006



I know they're boring but I like them anyway. Plain old Regia socks for me. Knit from the top down, plain stockinette leg, round heel. Notice how the sock match right up until the very end. The sock on the left has a tiny bit of grey at the tippy end, the one on the right is purple. I was only off by a round or two.

I've never actually tried to match my socks before but these were easy as the beginnings were only a yard or two different.

Still Life

Still Life

I just wanted to share a shot of my workspace this morning. This is a totally unplanned, unstaged photo of my knitting space this morning. It has it all - comfy spot (on the big red couch of LOVE), tea cup, baseball hat (not mine), two pairs of socks on the needles, my pouch for knitting essentials, and a book.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Eric's Socks

As soon as my youngest son saw me knitting socks for me he asked for wool socks for himself. I found this Regia 6 in my stash. They knit up quickly on size 3 circs. Just a basic pattern with k2p2 down the leg and foot.

Harvest Cable

Basketcase socks

Peak Experience

Cabled Sweat Sock

I made these with Lorna's Laces. I was very, very sad when I blew out the heel.

Blueberry waffles using Opal

Ghost of Past Socks

I've been on a long knitting hiatus. An illness, surgery and family life took over for the past couple of years. Now that I'm well, my interest in knitting has returned. I spent some time today trying to find pictures of the socks that I knit years ago. Through the wonders of technology (and some great back up by my husband), I found the photos and will load them here. Soon I'll post pictures of my new socks.

The socks above are the first socks I ever knitted. Fortissima yarn in a simple stockinette pattern.