Monday, October 01, 2007

You asked to see it

This is the site the boys and I came home to today.

new oven

Contractor Dude had his friend Electrician Dude here for the day. Electrician Dude put in the wiring for our new double oven, installed new lights over the cabinets, moved a cable outlet and fixed some funky wiring issues. Contractor Dude worked on the kitchen walls, ripped out more flooring and took off my cabinet doors.

missing cabinets

I hesitate to share this last photo with you but here goes ... Turn away if you're squeamish.

yucky sink

That's my kitchen sink. A brown porcelain kitchen sink. Seriously. Who the heck installed this monster? I can tell you that it doesn't normally look this bad but Contractor Dude told me they've been abusing it. I can't wait for a shiny new sink.

The boys and I spent the day just trying to stay away from the house. We ate breakfast on a picnic table at a nearby grocery store, ran some errands and hung out at the skatepark. The weather was beautiful and we had quite a nice day. I finished the Garter Rib socks (pics hopefully on Wednesday) and cast on for the Harvest Cable socks.

Tomorrow we need to be absent for the whole day while Contractor Dude has two more friends here - Plumber Dude and Chimney Man. He promises me it will all be over soon.