Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series

The World Series starts tonight. Colorado Rockies vs. Boston Red Sox. You all know who I have my money on. Well, I don't literally have my money on anyone because I'm not a betting woman but you know what I mean. Sunne, however, suggested a friendly wager between knitting buddies. She's a Rockies fan. I won't hold it against her because she does live in the beautiful state of Colorado and her husband is a Rockies fan. She thought it might be fun to place a little wager on the series. When the Red Sox win, Sunne will send me two skeins of Apple Laine in Red Sox colors (or colors of my choosing). If the Rockies win, I will send her Apple Laine in their team colors. Who could turn down such a tempting offer?

Let the games begin.

For the record, I'm putting aside the October socks for the series because they won't keep me occupied for more than one game. Instead, I'll be casting on some Green Monster socks tonight. I'm still taking suggestions for the perfect pattern.

Go Red Sox!!