Saturday, October 20, 2007

October socks

First Lichen Ribbed

More than one person suggested I start a new pair of Good Juju socks for the Red Sox. Trust me, I've got that covered. Originally I had planned to start another pair of red socks for good luck but after giving it some thought I changed my mind. Instead of red socks, I started some October socks. The whole point of the very long baseball season is to make it until October. If you don't play well, you don't play in October at all. If you do play well, you play until the very end of October and, perhaps, even into the beginning of November

This Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn in Goldrush all but screams October to me. The pattern is Lichen Ribbed sock by Nancy Bush from Knitting Vintage Socks. I followed the pattern as written and I really like the Welsh heel. It fits me surprisingly well. I altered the toe, however, to my standard round toe. I'm not about to begin the heel flap of the second sock.

The Red Sox can use any luck or mojo or prayers or charms that you have at your disposal for the next 40 hours or so. Do you think that's too long to keep your fingers crossed?