Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We are the Champions!

Too stupid to blog.

Remember when I was too stupid to knit? Well, the same thing can happen with blogging.
Yesterday, I barely had my wits about me. I didn't trust myself to actually type something into Blogger.

It's true. The Red Sox won the World Series. Again. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, it's hard to even believe. The Red Sox are supposed to come close to winning; they're supposed to get your hopes up as high as they can possibly be; they're supposed to convince you they are about to be the World Champs; and then, then they're supposed to crush your heart by finding some way to choke and lose it all. To win two World Series in 4 years is unbelievable.

Of course, all my knitting juju must have had something to do with the win. The Good Juju socks got the Sox through a rough period in September when their 14 game lead dwindled down to a 2 game lead. The October socks got the Sox past Cleveland. And, finally, the Green Monster Rally Monkey socks got the Sox all the way to the World Series.

There are only a few rounds left on my second October sock. I'll have a picture to share soon. I almost thought I wouldn't have an O next to my name in the Sock a Month KAL. I've had a letter next to my name for every month since I joined SAM 2. Once these are finished, I can even return to my sadly neglected Harvest Cable socks which have been patiently awaiting my return.