Wednesday, October 03, 2007

In which there is actual knitting

Skatepark 2

Yesterday, as we attempted to stay out of the way of Contractor Dude and friends, we headed to two new skateparks. The boys had a great time skateboarding and scootering most of the day. I enjoyed the beautiful weather and was able to knit the cuff of my Harvest Cable Sock. I'm using Wollmeise in Spice Market and think it's a perfect color for a harvesty Socktober sort of sock.

Wollmeise Spice Market cast on

We had a great day topped off with a win on the soccer field for Oldest Boy's team and dinner at a fantastic burger place recommended by a friend. I've driven by this place tons of times and it never occurred to me to stop in. We all had a great time and a super dinner and came home exhausted and ready for bed.

Today the adventure continues.