Friday, September 28, 2007


We're having a tough day. Youngest Boy is beginning to accept the fact that Lucy is not coming back. He believes that a fox chased her to someone else's house and they took her in because she's so cute they couldn't resist. It's better to believe that than the reality. He's in tears and is very needy. We're doing the best we can to comfort him. We appreciate all your kind thoughts.

For those who were interested in Fred the Snake - he never reappeared either. I half believed that we'd find him with all the house renovations but I've chosen to believe that he made it back outside to his snake family.

Oldest Boy's knee is just fine. He played yesterday without incident and has a double header scheduled for tomorrow. We're very grateful that he didn't have a knee injury. He's had a tough enough year.

I'm almost to the teal part of the Garter Rib second sock. I've sort of lost the oomph for these socks. I love the yarn and the pattern looks very nice but it's gotten boring and I just want them to be done. They would be finished except that I have this superstition about knitting socks that contain blue during Red Sox games.

The Lichen socks are wonderful. I love Mountain Colors Bearfoot. It smells wonderful - second only to Apple Laine. These socks can be knit during Red Sox games because they're October colors and the whole point of the very long baseball season is to make it into October.

I've got new socks planned to start on Monday. The new Sockdown challenge for October is either a Nancy Bush pattern (my Lichen Rib socks won't count because they were started in September) or a cable pattern. I've got a cable pattern picked out and my Spice Market Wollmeise wound into a cake. I can't wait to cast on.

Contractor Dude has finished the school room and we can move back in there this weekend. Yeah!! That should mean I can hook my camera up again. There has been significant progress on the rest of the house but it's all half way done and rather depressing. Monday the electrician will be here for the day and Tuesday, we have been warned, is Armegeddon day. On that day the Contractor Dude, Electrician Dude and Plumber Dude will rip out the kitchen counters, install the new counter, install the new cabinet for the oven and hook up the oven, install the dishwasher and sink and who knows what all. After that, it should be smooth sailing with only painting and flooring left. It's going to be so nice when it's done.