Monday, October 22, 2007

Big Decision

Red Sox drying

I'm too old for this. Seriously. I was up until almost 1:00 this morning watching the Red Sox defeat the Indians. The game was awesome and there were many times I thought it was lost but, in the end, the Sox prevailed and will move on to the World Series. Then I'll really get no sleep.

So I have a decision to make. I knit the Good Juju socks back in September when it seemed the Red Sox were going to somehow lose the 14.5 game lead they were carrying. The Red Sox held on to the lead and won their Division. Then I started the October socks for good luck through the playoffs. Once again, even though they were down 3 games to 1 and even though I had all but written them off, the Red Sox prevailed. In 7 games they defeated the Cleveland Indians to clinch the American League berth in the World Series.

I've got my second October sock partway through the gusset and it's moving along fine. I can't see it lasting me through 4 or more World Series games. Do I put these aside for now - well not really aside but finish them during the day - and knit a new pair of good luck socks for the World Series? Or do I just finish these and start a new pair when they're done?

Blogless Diane is knitting some Green Monster socks. I've never seen them because she never uploads pictures to Ravelry (*hint*) but I love the idea. I don't really want to knit another pair of red socks right now but I do have some lovely red Shibui yarn that I could use. I also have some perfect green Dream in Color Smooshy yarn that would make great Green Monster socks. But there's no Green Monster in Denver so would the socks have the same good fortune in Denver?

Please tell me your thoughts as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the red Apple Laine socks have been washed and are drying outside in the 80 degree weather (WEIRD!). I'll wait to wear them until Wednesday night. I need to catch some mighty sleep before then.