Sunday, October 07, 2007

Too stupid to knit


Yesterday morning while reading my email I was quite pleased to discover that Oldest Boy's soccer game for the day was canceled. It's not that I don't enjoy seeing him play soccer, but this is his recreation team and if he wasn't playing it meant I had the day off. I knew immediately what I wanted to do. I got myself ready, made sure Mr. Baseball had what he needed for the day, and headed off to the New Hampshire Wool Arts Tour.

It was a beautiful day - perhaps a bit too warm for fall. I enjoyed my time alone in the car, listening to the radio, noticing the foliage (or lack thereof really), taking my time. I haven't done the tour in years but it was pretty much as I remembered. There really isn't much yarn for sale and I'm not interested in spinning so I didn't spend much. The farms and homes were peaceful and the folks on the tour were very pleasant. I bought one skein of yarn that I needed to make a hat I've been planning to knit and some delicious lamb stew.

Last night, I was bone tired. I decided to finish the pattern repeat on the Harvest Cable sock. I discovered, however, that I was simply too stupid to be knitting. I couldn't remember to purl when I needed to purl and I kept having to tink back. I finally put away the knitting before I did any real damage to the sock and vowed to get back to it when I had more brain cells.