Sunday, December 31, 2006

Final pair for 2006

I really thought I was done with completed 2006 objects until I had some unexpected knitting time. On Friday night, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean with the boys and I was able to knit through the whole movie. Then, yesterday, we had an unexpected snow storm which kept me home for the entire day. It didn't make sense to go out in the snow so I sat at home, near the fire, and knit away. I got all but the last 4 rows and the toes kitchenered last night. Finally, today, after a long day spent scouring bargains at Target and attending the sale at my LYS, I came home to finish the second sock.

I love these socks and can not wait to wear them. The Dublin Bay pattern is perfect for dark colored yarn which really wouldn't show any other pattern. The lace panels down the sides of the legs are just enough and hold your interest while you're knitting mostly stockinette. The Cherry Tree Hill yarn amazes me. It is very, very soft and yet so sproingy. It feels like is has elastic in it (which it doesn't) and the socks hug your legs. I only wish that I hadn't had so many problems with it. The first hank I used had 5 knots in the second half. The second hank that the wonderful owner of the LYS sent me had 2 knots in my knitting of this sock. That's a lot of knots!

I'm anxious to try Cherry Tree Hill supersock again. I'm going to tell myself that the knot problem was specific to this particular colorway. The LYS owner sent me a different colorway to try and though I can't wait to knit with CTH again, it will have to wait it's turn. Tonight I'll cast on for my second Bearfoot Flathead Cherry sock. Tomorrow, I plan to cast on for the Fancy Silk Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. I'm taking on the January Challenge for the Knitting Vintage Socks KAL. I plan to use the Lorna's Laces seen below in Grapevine which is awfully close to the yarn used in the book (though it wasn't planned that way).

I believe this will be my final post for 2006. Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope the new year brings us all prosperity and health.