Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Closing in on Christmas

Not much knitting going on so I figured I'd update with a picture of Lucy.

I had a busy weekend trying to get all the last things ready for Christmas. There was shopping to do and goodies to make. Unfortunately, there was also an oldest child who needed to be driven to social events. My entire day on Sunday was lost as I drove my oldest where he needed to be. I was happy to do this for him and was glad that he was having such a nice day but it was exhausting and took up valuable time that I really didn't have. We saw Eragon together. I liked the movie (because I don't remember books after I've read them). He didn't like it too much because it deviated so much from the book.

I still have a couple of Christmas presents left to buy and was very sad last night when I found out that none of the bookstores in the state have a book I wanted to buy for my youngest. I still have a couple of independent bookstores to try but a nice lady at Borders last night called all the Borders and Barnes and Nobles for me. Today I need to finish the Sugared Almonds and Chocolate Walnut Fudge because my husband's brother will be stopping by briefly tomorrow and will take our gifts back with him to Connecticut to family there.

I feel this way every year without fail. I get the vast majority of my shopping done and the last few details drive me crazy. I struggle with finding the last few gifts, cooking the last minute things, and making sure that everything seems "even" for the boys. I just want everyone to be happy and for Christmas to seem magical. I still can not believe that Christmas is less than a week away.