Friday, December 29, 2006

It's a good thing she's cute

Last night I sat down to finish my Bearfoot sock. I always get antsy as I get near the toe decreases and have to be careful not to get too anxious and make the toe too short. It's just that I can see the finish line and I can't wait to get there so I can try the sock on without those pesky needles. I put the yarn down for a couple of minutes to check on something in another room. I returned and anxiously picked up the needles. When I gave the yarn a tug the string came loose in my hands - that is it wasn't attached to the skein anymore. The yarn felt suspiciously wet on both ends and sweet, little Lucy was sitting right next to my knitting cleaning herself. She won't admit it but I know she ate through my yarn.

It's a good thing she's cute.

I couldn't even get mad at her. I just picked up where I left off and finished the first sock last night. I immediately put it on my foot and put the one Dublin Bay sock on the other. I love the way the Dublin Bay sock hugs the foot while I'm not too sure about the Bearfoot. When I walked with the socks on (in my slippers), the Dublin Bay sock was fine while the Bearfoot felt slippery and perhaps biggish or something. Time will tell. I decided to finish the heel of the Dublin Bay sock so I could get to the mindless foot portion that can be knitted anytime, anywhere. Later, I'll cast on for the second Bearfoot. Neither look as though they'll be finished in 2006 but I should have two great pairs of socks to start 2007