Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's practically here

There is no really good reason why I have a picture of Lucy today except that I dislike pictureless posts. Doesn't she look filled with Christmas wonder?

After a morning spent baking, I ventured out shopping with my oldest son. I had a few odds and ends that I wanted to pick up. We went out with a good attitude knowing that the stores would be crowded. We were pleased to find the stores had ample employees working and that parking was easy to find if you didn't insist on parking right near the stores. I picked up every last thing I needed or wanted and can now rest easy that shopping is complete. We've done lots of wrapping over the last week and though I know there's more to be done, it's not overwhelming.

I started my second 2nd Dublin Bay sock. I do love the Cherry Tree Hill yarn but ... would you believe that right as I got to the end of my 2 inch 1x1 ribbing I found a knot! I can not even believe that I found yet another knot in a different skein of Cherry Tree Hill yarn. I'm continuing on but this will be the end of Cherry Tree Hill for me if I find another knot.

I received one of my Christmas presents early. My mil is not up to shopping this year and asked us for ideas for places we'd like gift certificates to. I told my dh that I could suggest a couple of online and local yarn places for my gift certificate. Instead, with the stipulation that ALL the money be spent on me and that none is put toward bills or the boys, my mil sent me $300 to spend on yarn!! I'm looking to make a couple of biggish purchases soon so that the money is spent as intended. As I don't knit big items, I don't spend oodles of money on my projects. I'm thinking this money could go pretty far. I'm also thinking that I need to buy something practical like a new pair of boots so I can continue my walking this winter. I'm feeling pretty blessed and lucky.

I'd love some suggestions for yarn or books or other knitty things that I just need to have or try. I know that The Loopy Ewe will be getting some of my business. Sheri is just wonderful - every store owner should be just like her - and I want to reward her amazing customer service with repeat business. I'm thinking I should try some Sweet Georgia or Yarn Pirate (or both). I also know that I can't resist the yarn sale at yarn4socks because they have the J. Knits yarn I was raving about the other day as well as a great selection of Lorna's Laces and all the yarn will be at least 20% off starting tomorrow.

It feels weird to be doing this much shopping for myself but I made a promise.