Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Fibery Treats

Today's a good day for posting about fibery treats.

My youngest son was determined to buy me yarn for Christmas. Whenever he shopped with me he picked out hideous fun fur in bright colors like turquoise and asked me how I liked them. I tried to steer him toward yarns I really do like but, well, he's 7 and he was attracted to "pretty" yarn for his pretty mom. I suggested that my husband bring him shopping at a LYS and called the owner ahead of time so she could steer them toward appropriate yarn.

After guidance from my husband my son picked out the following yarn because he knows my favorite colors are red and purple. This is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Flathead Cherry. The colors don't show up great in this photo but the yarn is beautiful. This is my first time knitting with Bearfoot. It is definitely heavier than my usual yarns but is listed as fingering weight.

I wanted to get something cast on right away to show my son how much I loved the yarn. After some fiddling I settled on a 56 stitch cast on with size 2 US Addis (oh, how I wish there were decent circulars in size 2.75). I'm using a simple ribbed pattern and the sock is moving along quickly. The yarn is very soft and cushiony. I'm a little worried about the yardage and my big feet but we'll see what happens. My LYS owner assures me that I'll have enough as she uses the yarn often and has the same size feet.

Today I did my usual day after Christmas shopping. I was shocked at how few people were out and was very pleased not to have to wait in lines. I picked up my wrapping paper for next year at Hallmark and then went to Borders. I decided to return a cd given to me by my husband because I knew I'd never listen to it. With that cd return money and a 30% off coupon I was able to get Knitting Vintage Socks - this is a much better gift for me. While I was there I also picked up some Jelly Belly jelly beans at 75% off (isn't that little container cute?). I also got a knit a day type calendar at 50% off because I thought it might be fun and I might even find a pattern or two. I got all this for under $25 (and only $12 came out of my own pocket).

Finally, I made a deal with myself (everyone does that, right?) that I could knit on my new sock only after I finished the Trekking socks by weaving in the ends. I had a load of delicates ready to wash and wanted to throw these in too. I'm really hoping I like these socks more after they're washed. Right now I could not care less about them. My 12 year old told me that he'd be happy to take them off my hands if they fit him. I think his feet are too big (size 11.5 mens) but we'll see after they're washed.

Now on to the other deal I made with myself. I have to fold the laundry before I can sit down to knit and I just heard the dryer beep.