Sunday, December 10, 2006

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

Christmas stockings

The Christmas stockings are now officially hung. My middle son is a stickler for tradition and he just could not wait to hang our stockings. You may notice that there are only 4 stockings instead of 5. Look more carefully. Behind the stocking on the left there is a second stocking. That is because I found our stocking hangers at Goodwill for 89 cents a piece and I've always been too cheap to find another hanger that would match. So my husband and I share a hanger. Someday I really should break down and buy a fifth hanger.

Some of you may recall that these stockings were the very first items I ever learned how to knit. I talked about it back in October. I'm always amazed when I take them out every year and remember my friend who taught me to knit and kept telling me I had "potential". I didn't know anything about knitting so when she told me I could knit a Christmas stocking for my first sock, I believed her.