Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Baby it's cold outside

I'm trying hard to stay motivated but it's really hard to want to go outside to walk in the morning when it's 22 degrees. I am grateful for my neighbor and walking buddy because without her I'd stay in my warm cozy house and just knit away. It's nice to be home again but I'm very glad that I got my 4 mile walk done. Yeah me!!

I'm working my way down the gusset on the Cherry Tree Hill sock. I wish I could just sit down and knit away but I have children who need schooling, housework to do, a family to feed, and places that the same children need to be driven to. I'm very sad that I'll be out of the house all afternoon and far away from my knitting. Tonight, however, all the boys will be gone and I'll have the house to myself. This may be my favorite sock I've ever knit.

And now, kitty pr0n