Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Risking frostbite

I really wanted to get a good picture of both the pattern and the yarn so I risked below freezing weather this morning to sit outside in the little patch of sun I could find to take this picture. This yarn is SO pretty but the colors are very hard to capture. This picture is very close to the real colors.

I've never knit with any yarn like Cherry Tree Hill before. I don't know anything about how yarn is spun or plied or how this yarn is so sproingy but it's much different than any yarn I've knit with before. It has a lot of elasticity which makes it perfect for socks. When this yarn chose me I didn't have an idea for a pattern. The yarn is very dark and most patterns wouldn't show up in it. I wanted to showcase the yarn and a plain vanilla sock wouldn't have done that. I like how the lace panels in this Dublin Bay pattern show off the yarn. I'm also happy with how quickly this sock is knitting up. The yarn is somewhat thicker than other sock yarns I've used - I'll be at the heel very soon.