Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bright sunny morning

We don't get a lot of natural sunlight in my house so it's difficult to take photos inside. This morning as I sat on the living room sofa knitting my Dublin Bay sock and drinking my Tazo Awake tea a beam of sunlight came through the bay window behind me and illuminated the Christmas tree. I was able to take this photo of three of my favorite ornaments. On the left is one of my glass candy ornaments which I love because they were the first glass ornaments I dared to buy after I had children. In the middle is a crocheted snowflake that my Nana made for me. I have a few of these crocheted snowflakes ranging in size and pattern and I love the way the look on the tree. To the right is a snowman made by my friend, Kristen, that she sold a craft fair that we had at my house a few years ago. She drove over 45 minutes in a blizzard and then had to help my husband shovel the driveway to get into my house. We had very few customers because of the storm but we had a great day and I have this ornament to remember it by.

Here you'll see the progress I've made on my second Dublin Bay sock. Do you notice all the yarn ends coming out of the sock? That's because I found TWO knots in the yarn since I started the second sock. I'm not happy. I hope this isn't typical for Cherry Tree Hill yarn because I do love the yarn but I'm very unhappy with the knot situation. I had the hank wound for me when I bought the yarn so I had no idea they were there.

Today needs to be a day of baking. I have a cookie swap tonight and still have not completely decided what cookie I plan to bake. I'm probably going to bring my Poppyseed Holiday Cookies but I can't commit. I'll post a recipe later.