Friday, November 24, 2006

Raspberry Mocha Socks Finished

I finished my Raspberry Mocha socks this morning. I everything about them. The Seacoast Handpainted yarn is super yummy and was a dream to knit with. The Guernsey pattern was easy and fun to follow. I think the pattern would work better with a solid color yarn but the yarn I used is very similar to the yarn used in the picture with the pattern. The only pooling occurred on the instep - big splashes of raspberry. Once I got down to a smaller number of stitches again the pooling stopped.

I have a TON of yarn left over. In fact, I'm sure that someone with more normal sized feet could get two pairs of socks out of a skein of this yarn. I'll have to do something with all this leftover yarn. I can't exactly make socks for any of the boys with it - they don't really like pink. I'm open to suggestions.

Here's a close up of the sock. You can't really see the pattern well but you can tell there's a pattern there.

Closeup  Raspberry Mocha

If I were good, I'd finish my Irish Hiking Scarf now which only needs about 5 more inches. I could cast on for my second First Toe Up sock. I could even, if I were very, very good, finish the Christmas Stocking I've been working on for years (and which I detest working on). The truth is, however, that I feel some yarn calling to me from my stash. I think it's a pair of Dublin Bay socks next.