Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I love blogland

I love blogland. It is amazing how blogs can connect people all over the world who share similar interests. It's made knitting a very different experience for me now than it was when I started. Way back then I joined a local knitting guild which was an amazing group of women. Here I was, a new mom in my late 20's, surrounded by women at least 40 years older than me and often even older than that. They loved my babies as they were born and they welcomed me with open arms.

I don't know any real life knitters anymore. Oh, of course I know people who knit, but I don't know any KNITTERS. I'm not connected with any knitting groups. For me, blogland is all the support I get. I appreciate each and every person who visits my blog and especially appreciate comments with praise and suggestions.

I'm very thankful for the praise on my baby hat. I love that little hat. The yarn is scrumptious and I think the pattern is adorable. When I brought it to book group yesterday to show off one of the women, who happens to knit, said how much she liked the hat - even asked if she could have the pattern for her soon to be born granddaughter - and then asked if I had a pattern for a "boy hat". Huh? I told her that I was giving this as a gift to a woman who does not know the sex of her unborn baby and that I'd definitely put this hat on my boys' heads. She just made a face at me and said it was not a boy's hat.

All your comments made me feel much better. Thank you blogland friends.