Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The power of water

Flood waterfall
This is the scene in my neighbor's yard. A waterfall of water running through their yard and onto the road below. Normally, we have culverts in front of the houses which handle the rainfall and divert it to a common source that runs under the road and forms a small stream on the other side. The culverts couldn't handle this amount of rain and backed up.

This is what the awesome power of water can do.
Flood road
See how there is no longer any shoulder to the road? If you were to stand or drive on the very edge of that pavement it would crumble beneath you because the dirt that is supposed to be below it has been eroded away. There are many gulleys like this all along my road.

It is still raining/snowing/sleeting today. We did not see even a glimmer of the sun all day. I keep checking the weather forecast and they claim we'll see sun and have temperatures in the 60s by this weekend. I'll believe it when I see it.

Meanwhile, it's been good knitting weather. The Whitby I started yesterday is 5 inches long. I wish it were on circs so I could try it on easily but I'm kind of enjoying using double points again. Whitby is a super easy pattern and knits up quickly with the sportweight yarn. I may end up with a finished pair of socks for April after all.