Thursday, April 05, 2007


Me - 1983

This is my high school graduation picture that I recently found while cleaning out my father's house. I must admit that I like this picture of myself. I look so young. It's hard to remember being 18 - it was a long time ago. The feathered hair makes me laugh because I remember how hard I had to work to get my hair to cooperate. I'd spend lots of time in the morning blow drying it to look just like this and then I'd hair spray the death out of it so it wouldn't move. Note the wool sweater. It was something like 95 degrees the day this photo was taken but I had already picked out what I wanted to wear for my senior photo and I wouldn't let a little thing like the weather change my mind.

I just found out that plans are underway for my 25th high school reunion next year. I'm not in touch with anyone from high school but I look forward to attending. I loved high school - mostly. I was listening to the Meat Loaf cd that I took from my father's house. I thought it was funny to find it among his Eric Clapton and Beatle cds and I remember how much my mother and all my friends' parents didn't want us listening to this album. As I blared the music while cleaning the house this morning I realized why(a post on that later). Anyway, somehow it helped me to remember exactly how I felt as a teenager. Scary!

Anyway, I'm quite glad to be 42. It's just hard to believe how long ago 18 was.