Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm speechless

Warning - Photo Heavy Post
I've been stalking the mail carrier ever since my SP 10 Pal told me a package was on the way. I was so disappointed when I checked the box after lunch and there was nothing - not even a bill. I soothed my disappointment by working on the Mexicali Peppers sock (I'm on the stockinette portion of the toe now). While I was sitting knitting, the mail carrier pulled up the driveway. He only does that when he has a package to deliver so I practically ran out there. Ahhh ... a package from my SP!!

The package SP10

Here's what it looked like when I first opened it. I promise you it holds unimaginable treasures. My SP wrote a little note and said it was hard to choose things for someone else. I don't believe it for a second. She is amazing! You really won't believe what she sent me. Please click the photos for bigger pictures.
Mountain Colors Bearfoot Koigu Quiviut All the purpley yumminess

First up - the yarn. Mountain Colors Bearfoot in an unlabeled color that is dark purples, greens, orange, blue and black. Koigu KPPM all in purples. Muskox Qiviut - all the way from Alaska - in purples and blacks. What a haul of yarn! I'll admit that my self imposed yarn diet had left me feeling a bit deprived. Now I feel like I have so much abundance I could cry. Seriously. I love Bearfoot - it's one of my all time favorite, desert island kind of yarns. I have never knit with Koigu. I've been tempted but always put it back. It's just so lovely. The Qiviut speaks for itself. I can't imagine that I would have ever bought some for myself. It is so soft and amazing. Now I need to find the perfect project for it. I'm a big yarn sniffer and all the yarn smells so good. Of course, the lavender sprigs in the package probably helped.

My SP didn't send all that yarn without some inspiration. She also sent me this beautiful book to help me out. I haven't really checked it out yet but it's filled with color photos of wonderful looking projects and has lots of reading too. I think I'll bring it to bed with me later.

New book

As if all this wasn't enough, my SP 10 included both papery goodness and eating yummies. I love good paper products and my SP sent me some truly lovely notecards and a Bling Book. I really need a new notebook for my yarn bag and this will do the trick quite nicely. I also got an organic dark chocolate bar and some toffees. Mmmmm.
Paper stuff Yummy Eating

Phew! I'm exhausted and overwhelmed. Thank you SP. You are truly the best!!