Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Birthday week

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I don't tend to get very sentimental about things. I'm just not that sort of person. Yesterday was my oldest son's 13th birthday. We have our very first teenager in the house. The day just really made it official. We've seen the dramatic changes during the last year - first he got smelly, then he got tall, his voice changed, his feet grew even more. Sometimes it's hard to see the little boy left in him at all.

I watched Nova celebrate Little Sir's first birthday and I remember how we felt when our first born turned one. I've looked through the very thick photo album. I'm trying to remember our second and third son's on their first birthday but the truth of the matter is I can look at photos and remember pieces of their lives but they just don't stand out like that first child. Life just goes by too fast and it's hard to remember small moments. The boys start to blend together until Mr. Baseball and I struggle to remember which boy did what when.

Today I'll bring all three boys to the doctor for their physicals. They'll get weighed and measured and looked over. Mostly this is done so they can get physical forms filled out for camps and sports. We know they're healthy and we feel very, very blessed to have such healthy children. Still, it's always amazing to see how very much they've grown since the last time they were officially measured and weighed (unlike the marks on the laundry room wall where we measure their growth).

It's a birthday week here at the Baseball household. My son turned 13, I'll be 42, and my Nana turns 81 - each three days apart. It's snowing outside my window. We're so ready for SPRING. We all want to be outside in the sunshine but it's snowing. It reminds me of the birthday parties that were canceled for me and for my son because of snow. It shouldn't snow in April. Please send us some sun.

For those who care about such things, the Red Sox lost their opening game yesterday. To Kansas City of all teams. Ugh! It's a long season and I think we're in for a bumpy ride.