Monday, April 16, 2007

Counting my blessing

I am counting my blessings today. We are in the midst of a terrible Nor'easter here. Generally this means many inches of snow - and we did get a bunch of snow yesterday - but the temperatures are too warm to support snow so we're getting rain. Lots and lots of rain. We've gotten about 5.5 inches in my small town according to the local news stations. All the major roads have been washed out. We were called by the Chief of Police this morning who told us our road was washing out and there was too much water at the bottom of our hill to leave the neighborhood. Schools were canceled and Mr. Baseball stayed home from work.

The weather is depressing and a little scary but I'm counting my blessings. I live on top of a hill so our house is not subject to flooding (just some water in the basement around the bulkhead door). We are all home safe together and we have both power and heat. I am so very, very grateful for power and heat. We planned for the storm yesterday and have everything we need right here. We don't plan to leave our house until tomorrow. The boys are excited to have Dad home. He was able to help everyone through their schoolwork this morning and has had time to play with everyone too. We've had some rousing games of dominoes and have promised to play Clue later.

I decided to wind a hank of yarn and cast on for a new sock. I love my Mexicali Peppers socks but it's become very apparent that I won't have enough yarn to finish the second sock. I haven't decided what I'll do when I run out of yarn but I'm open to suggestions. I'm kind of sad about the situation because I really do like the socks so much. I'll get back to them another time. To cheer myself up I've cast on with some Louet Gems in a colorway called Robin. It's a very nice orangey color. I've been wanting to knit Whitby for quite awhile and I think this is the perfect yarn for it. Long time readers may be surprised to see those Pony Pearls in the picture. I'm a devoted two circs knitter but I have yet to find acceptable 2.75 circs. This yarn is a light sportweight. I didn't want to use my 3.0 Knit Picks circs nor did I want to use my 2.5 Knit Picks circs so I pulled out the Ponies. So far, so good.