Friday, April 06, 2007

Birthday presents

birthday present
Mr. Baseball worked half a day yesterday - after spending 1.5 hours snowblowing his way out of our driveway - and then came home to spend the afternoon with me. I convinced him to go shopping with me. We decided to pool our money to buy a tv for the bedroom. We may be one of the last couples alive not to have tv in the bedroom but I believe it's bad for the sex life so I've avoided it like the plague. The thing is, though, that we don't air condition our house in the summer. We only air condition the bedrooms at night. I don't mind the heat during the day but by night time I've had enough and usually retire to the bedroom to soak up some ac. In the past we've moved the tv out of the spare bedroom in to our room for the summer but that tv is on its last legs so I made the decision to buy us a new one. We found one we liked but it's on backorder so it'll take awhile. That's fine. We won't be needing ac for awhile - especially since there's still snow on the ground.

I also decided to buy myself something with my birthday money from the inlaws. Nova encouraged me to buy something special - something I wouldn't ordinarily buy - for my birthday. I decided that I'd like to knit a small shawl. I went to a wonderful LYS and told the owner what I wanted. I want a small rectangular shawl, something lacy but not too intricate with no stitches on the side that need to be picked up later. I came home with a pattern from the LYS, new needles (which I hope help with the Carpal Tunnel), two skeins of Zephyr in a copper color and a big bottle of Eucalan that the owner threw in as a birthday present.

I also bought the second Lucy Neatby socks DVD. I've repeatedly asked one of you to come by to help me with my short row heels but none of you have showed up. Now I can have Lucy right here with me. I haven't looked at the DVD indepth yet but I checked it out briefly last night and it's going to be perfect. Perhaps I could even loan it to a friend or two when I'm done with it :-) I'm happy with my presents.

I've almost got the first Mexicali Peppers sock done. I hope to post pictures this weekend. It sure looks like Spring.

The Red Sox were kind enough to win on my birthday. That always makes me happy.