Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Some progress

My first Fancy Silk Sock is done. After a little tweaking and soul searching I have knit a sock that I'm very happy with. Both my husband and oldest son have asked me why I'm knitting a sock with so many holes in it. "Doesn't that defeat the purpose of socks?" asked my oldest son. I knit the Fancy Cuff on size 2 needles so I could get the sock on comfortable but knit the rest of the sock according to the pattern in Knitting Vintage Socks.

Last night I got the first sock I started off the needles and rewound the yarn into a brand new center pull ball. I'll get the second sock started later today.

The second sock will be slower to the finish line because I'm now doing some stealth knitting. Shhh ... I'm knitting a scarf for my husband for his birthday on February 6. Most of my knitting is generally done at night watching tv with dh. This knitting must be done during the time he is away (or asleep). The yarn is a gorgeous dk weight 100% cashmere from Sarah's Yarns. I'm knitting a pattern called Little Pyramids and I think it looks great with the yarn. I've got about 6 inches done so far. I plan to keep knitting until I run out of yarn. We'll see how far that takes me.