Monday, January 08, 2007

Planning time

I don't have much knitting progress to show. I'm still working on the Fancy Silk Socks for the Vintage Socks January Challenge. I should be done the first sock tomorrow. I have decided to frog the first sock and start over. The second sock with the larger fancy cuff fits much better. These socks are different from any other socks I've ever knit - rather girlie for me really - but I really like them.

This weekend while the weather was warm and bright I decided to go through my stash to pick out my yarns for Project Spectrum. February and March call for blue, white and gray. I had a surprising amount of yarn that fit these colors.

Blue, white and gray stash

The Irish Hiking Scarf was started in September and really needs to be finished. I made great progress on the scarf during fall baseball season but once baseball season ended I put the scarf aside and haven't picked it up since. It only needs about 5 more inches to be finished. The gray center pull ball and the hank next to it are 100% cashmere. I bought it from Sarah's Yarns with the intention of making a scarf for my husband's birthday on February 6. I still haven't decided on a pattern and I plan to knit it when he's not home so I really need to get started. The blue and gray skeins of Silja have lived in my stash for many years. I intend to make a pair of socks for my middle son with one or both colors. If you click on the photo it will take you to my Flickr page where you can learn more about the other yarns.