Thursday, January 04, 2007

Project Spectrum

I've been waiting for Lolly to post the color selections for Project Spectrum. I've been thinking that it would be fun to align my other KALs and knitting plans to coincide with the Project Spectrum colors. This could be a fun way to help organize my knitting for the year and help me to make plans and set goals.

I still have some of that Christmas money my mother in law gave me burning a hole in my Paypal pocket. Sheri at The Loopy Ewe has promised some wonderful new yarns will be arriving in her shop this month. I've been waiting to make a purchase from Sheri and now I can't wait.

I already have that wonderful J. Knits yarn in Boston to make some blue socks in February. I think I've got the pattern picked out also. Wait until you see the gray cashmere that I ordered to make my wonderful husband a scarf with. It might also be a great time to try some of those paper snowflakes that Lolly and Julie made last month and try my hand at more origami. Baking and photography are sure to be part of my plans, too. I can't wait for Project Spectrum to begin. That gives me one month to finish my Fancy Silk Socks and my Bearfoot Flathead Cherry socks.

February / March
Blue, White, Gray

April / May
Green, Yellow, Pink

June / July
Red, Black, Metallics

August / September
Brown, Orange, Purple