Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just a day

Please imagine a picture of a beautiful wooden swift at the top of this post. That's the picture that would have been there. The swift I ordered arrived today. I happily opened the box, got the swift set up and gathered the proper hank of yarn. Before I put the yarn on, however, I noticed a problem. The swift wouldn't move. It didn't turn even a teeny bit. After searching online and trying various things I called the company. We talked things through over the phone and determined that the top part of the swift somehow got glued or lacquered to the center post and will not spin. I had to pack up my brand new swift and send it back. *big sigh* It was a sad moment.

It was that kind of day for me today. Frustration abounded. I'm trying not to dwell on it but none of the things have easy fixes and some of them involve big bureaucratic stuff that I avoid like the plague.

Instead of dwelling on the not so great things happening right now, I'll share a few good things.

1. I decluttered some preschool things and delivered them to a neighbor who I knew would appreciate them. I love to get rid of stuff and she was very happy to get some high quality preschool toys for her boys.

2. I decluttered some knitting books that I'll never use. They were gathering dust on my shelves and I decided to take action. I traded good books for even better yarn. I have some very nice Brooklyn Handspun and Furryarns coming my way in exchange for my books. I think everyone is happy all around.

3. The stealth scarf is now 50 inches long and is looking like it will definitely be finished by February 6. Jared's second sock is started - cuff finished. It won't be a fast knit but I'm feeling pretty good about it. Even duty knitting can be enjoyable.