Tuesday, October 03, 2006

When it rains it pours

Or bad things come in threes.
Either way it's been a pretty bad week.

First the motherboard died on my computer. 'Nuf said.

Then I had some serious medical problems (which I think are now resolved).

And finally, tonight my 3 1/2 year old refrigerator has died. Right after I did the grocery shopping. I spent the night looking for the receipt and I can't find it anywhere (though I did find many receipts for many other things). We had to throw out a ton of food but were able to salvage the freezer food because we have a freezer in the garage. The fridge will be a mess tomorrow. Hopefully the store will have a record of our purchase because I know exactly when I purchased it and it's a small store. Either way we need to get it fixed and don't have the money to do so. 3 year old refrigerators should not die.

So I've got lots of lemons and I'm finding it hard to make lemonade but here goes.

The computer is under warranty and should be returned by Friday. I have so many great photos to share and I can't wait.

I think I found a new doctor who will actually work with me and treat me like a real person. I met with her today and she's willing to work with me to treat my illness.

Finally, well ... there's not one good thing to say about the fridge situation.

My Irish Hiking Scarf is now 40 inches long and looks very nice. The new doctor admired it when she saw me knitting. She told me that she likes to knit scarfs but mostly knits SOCKS. A doctor who knits socks. It must be karma.

The Columbine Peaks socks are coming along nicely. I started the heel tonight. I just love the yarn and the pattern seems to be perfect for it.

It's Fall in New England. That's always a great thing.