Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just waiting patiently ...

I just love waiting for ebay auctions to end. It's so exciting. Right now I have two great auctions ending. I'm selling some Teaching Company tapes that I bought at a yard sale this summer. I bought a big box of tapes (I don't remember how many courses) for $5! Considering the fact that these courses sell for $75 to $200 (or more) a piece, I did well at that yard sale.

My plan is to use all my auction money to buy Christmas presents for the boys. Money is very tight this year and if I could buy all their presents with ebay money it would help a lot. The money from these auctions is earmarked for a special gift for my middle son (I don't dare say what it is because I know he stops by here sometimes when he's online). As soon as the money is deposited into my Paypal account I'll make the purchase before I'm tempted to buy something else with it.

I'm making great progress on my Irish Hiking Scarf. It's over 5o inches long now and looks great. It's the perfect baseball knitting scarf because it requires almost no concentration. It's also a great project because every 8 rows when you complete a cable there's a great sense of accomplishment. More baseball tomorrow and I predict more Irish Hiking Scarf knitting. Tomorrow should be my son's last baseball game of the year. The end of the season has come at a good time as he has a serious finger injury that I only discovered yesterday. I feel like a terrible mother for not paying more attention when he said he jammed his finger but boys are always getting hurt and I almost never give more attention than the time it takes to adminster some ibuprofen and tape it up. This time I should have paid more attention. Hopefully, the finger will heal completely and he will regain full use of it (if you're the praying type, Adam could really use some healing prayers).

The second Columbine Peak sock is at the heel. Yeah! The foot should go quickly as I know exactly how many pattern repeats I need before the toe. That's one reason I love patterns with repeats - it makes making the second sock the same much easier.

Off to check those auctions.