Friday, October 27, 2006

There is no joy in Mudville

I finished the foot of my Trekking sock tonight and so sat down quietly and patiently - following the directions and pictures of an online tutorial - to knit the heel. I was oh so careful and except for a few glitches felt I did pretty well. I stayed up until midnight and just as I was about to knit the first row around the entire sock to signify that I was done the heel, it occurred to me to try it on. Ugh! Although it looks good just knitted up, on my foot I can see holes like I tried to make lace, all along the side of the heel.

I can't tolerate this. Tomorrow I frog. So sad.

Here's one thing I discovered already that I don't like about short row heels - it's just too hard to put the sock down until it's done. It's a long process and I felt like I couldn't have put the sock down to come back to it later because you're always in the middle of a row. That just doesn't work well in this house with three boys. I'll frog the heel and start over tomorrow but I'm not feeling too good about these toe up socks.

I will admit that I love the toe and I like the idea of being able to use an entire skein of yarn. I'm hoping that practice makes perfect but since I have no idea what I did wrong I'm not feeling very optimistic.