Monday, October 30, 2006

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Toe ups with heel

Do you see that? Huh? Do you?
That's the heel on my toe up Trekking sock. Yup. It only took 4 froggings, almost 24 hours, uncounted tutorials, and FINALLY a trip to my LYS in typhoonish weather to get it right. It's still not perfect and I'm not sure exactly what I was doing wrong. I think the problem was that I was actually doing the short rows a stitch too early as I seem to have a hard time understanding on which stitch to work the magic. Next sock I'll use markers or counters or something but I just know it will work out fine.

I do love the way it feels and now comes the easy part. We'll see how the bind off goes as I can not STAND a tight bind off.

In other news ...

I finished my Jaywalkers. I like the way they look and the pattern was very, very easy to memorize. I just don't like the way they feel. The bias stitch gives the sock very little give and my tight gauge makes them feel awfully stiff. They're in the wash now and I'll see if a good wash changes my opinion. Although I really do like the way the pattern looks, I don't see me knitting this pattern again anytime soon.