Monday, October 02, 2006

What a mother!

It's the freaking motherboard! The motherboard on my 9 month old computer has died. Ugh! I had this computer built for us after we ordered a Dell and when it arrived found out it was a lemon. I love the company that built our computer - especially because they are a local company - but I'm pretty frustrated. We've had 2 fans replaced and now the motherboard. There shouldn't be this many hardware problems in 9 months. Ugh, again. The motherboard should be arrive by Thursday and I should have my computer back by Friday. Until then I blog pictureless.

What a time to be unable to upload pictures. First my Chocolate Swap package arrived (and believe me, it's picture worthy) and then today my Tea Swap package arrived (and it is a doozy). My tea package was FILLED with good stuff including a skein of Socks that Rock. I've been wanting to try that for quite awhile but I'm on a yarn diet. I also got a beautiful pottery mug which I'm drinking out of as I type. I won't go into any more detail until I can upload pics. The silver lining is that I can drown my computer blues in tea, chocolate, cookies and yarn.

In my tea package was a wonderful pair of wooden knitting needles with beads on the ends. I've never knitted with straight needles before but these are size 8 and the Irish Hiking Scarf is on size 8s (little double pointed needles that the scarf keeps falling off of) so I'll be able to transfer the Irish Hiking Scarf to new needles tonight. Isn't that an amazing coincidence?

I need to leave notes for my swap partners on their blogs because I am a very, very grateful swap recipient. I only hope that my swap partners are half as happy with their packages.