Saturday, September 23, 2006



I can't even begin to tell you how glorious the rain was today.

It's not that we need the rain. We've had more rain this year than I ever remember. The earth didn't need the rain, I needed the rain. I really needed the rain.

A couple of weeks ago when all the boys' fall schedules were finally gathered and we discovered who had what when, we realized that we'd be out of the house every single day or night of the week until November 6th without a single day off. Soccer for two boys, baseball for the oldest, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, piano, Latin and Youth Group are scheduled every single night of the week. I knew it'd be stressful but I figured I could handle it.

Our school year has started without a hitch. The new curriculum and programs I bought for the boys have been hits. We're making good progress. I'm still managing a 2 - 4 mile walk every morning before we start lessons. The boys are happy on their teams, my oldest is working on a new song for piano, my oldest is also working on his First Aid Merit Badge for Boy Scouts. A mother could be proud.

But then the inlaws arrived for a visit. Followed days later by a visit from my mother. We still had all our regularly scheduled activities as well as company. My mother left last night. And I was exhausted. I woke up dead tired this morning but I hopped in the shower because we had to be at the soccer fields at 8:3o. While I was drinking my tea the rain started. Shortly afterward the phone rang. Soccer for boy #3 was cancelled. A short while later soccer for boy #2 was called and when I checked my email baseball for boy #1 was cancelled for the ENTIRE WEEKEND.

This left me with a free, unplanned day. My husband still had to take the younger boys to a Cub Scout activity but I had the day free. While I would have loved to have gone back to bed and slept or knit or read, I didn't. I had things to do. I finally went shopping. I have less clothes than any woman I've ever met. I hate shopping for clothes for me. I always have a hard time finding clothes I like and, even more important, clothes that fit. I just have a hard to fit body.

Today I went shopping and I bought 3 new pairs of pants. I can't believe how well they fit. They are stylish and comfortable and I can't believe I found them. I also bought 4 new tops. I never, ever find this many things to buy that I like. I even came home and ordered the new LLBean clogs that I wanted.

It's supposed to rain again tomorrow.