Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Making progress

I'm making progress. I am really enjoying these Redwood socks. I'm always enthused about sitting down to knit a row or two if I have even a spare two minutes. Working on the second sock and knowing how many checkerweaves I need to knit makes the knitting go quickly. There are 13 checkers on the leg and 19 on the foot. I got past the gussets last night and have 8 checkers done. This sock should be done quickly and will count as my second sock for the Sock-A-Month KAL for September.

Yesterday I went shopping at The Christmas Tree Shop and finished shopping for my partner in the Knitter's Tea Swap. I bought the nicest tea cup which is more the size of a mug. I've got all my goodies bought and now just need to wrap and mail them. My spoilee has contacted me and now I just need to wait for the mail to arrive.

Speaking of the mail ... I am awaiting a package from an internet yarn company so I can complete my package for my partner in the Chocolate Swap. I have everything chocolate bought and I think my package looks terrific - I wouldn't mind receiving it. But I decided it needed another skein of yarn and so I wait.

All this progress is just counting down toward href="http://lollygirl.com">Socktoberfest. I can NOT believe it's almost October. I've got the yarn and I think I've got the pattern. I've even got new needles that I'm anxious to try.