Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fall is in the air ...

Redwood Socks

I think I chose the perfect pattern for this yarn. This is a simple checkerweave pattern and I think it sets off the colors in the yarn nicely. I like the way the yarn looks in the leg better than I do the heel and bottom of the foot. I started the socks on size U.S. 2s in order to get gauge but they feel a little loose so I switched to 1s for the heel and foot. I need the heel and foot to fit more tightly. I think this will work out fine.

As I knit the socks I keep thinking that they look exactly like fall in New England. I can't wait to wear them.

Jared and the Giant Pumpkin

It didn't feel like fall yesterday at the county fair. It was 85 degrees!! The boys did very well with their entries - the younger two both got at least 2 blue ribbons and the oldest got a red ribbon. His best entry didn't even get a ribbon. He was disappointed but he handled it well.

We've been very, very busy around here with baseball, soccer, visitors, Scouts and the fair but by next week things should settle into a groove. I've been finding lots of time to knit at practices and it will be even easier once it cools off a bit. It's just too hard to knit outside when it's hot and sticky.