Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Please don't rain on my parade

Loopy Sock Club Spring 2008

In a week that has seen no less than four different snow storms, this package from The Loopy Ewe was a true ray of sunshine. As you know by now, 2008 has started off kind of rough for my family. This past week was no different and included my van breaking down, a leak in the ceiling in our family room, and yet more difficult medical news for the Oldest Boy. It's not getting me down. In fact, it's starting to make me laugh. This has got to end sometime. Right?

Yarntini - Loopy Sock Club Spring

So, little things like the last 2007 Sock Club package came as a welcome relief. I checked the Loopy group on Ravelry and found that others had also received their packages. It's always fun to share your excitement with others who have received the same package. My joy was short lived, however, as other posters had to join in to say how sad they are (again) not to have made it into the 2008 sock club. The whining took the wind right out of my sails. I get that they're sad. I really do. But they don't have to continue to read about the sock club if it upsets them and they don't need to ruin the fun for those in the sock club. Does this happen in other sock clubs that have limited membership? I checked around Ravelry and didn't see this moaning in other sock clubs.

I'm grateful to have a warm, dry house in the midst of these storms and am also very grateful to have soft, cushy wool to keep me busy. Knitting during a snow storm is true joy.