Saturday, February 09, 2008

Catching up

The problem with not posting for almost a week is that I have too much to write about in one post. I'll have to spread it out over at least a couple of days which means, for those of you who read regularly, I'll post a bit more.


It's been a long week. Adam went to the doctor to get his bandages off early this week and, due to some really bad information from the doctor, suffered a big set back in his recovery. The doctor called a couple of days later to apologize but the damage was done. Adam's almost back to where he was before he saw the doctor but he's frustrated. It's no fun being cooped up in the house with your talented and very funny mother while your father and brothers go snowboarding or all your friends go to the school dance. Thankfully, the weather is clear enough today that he could go hang out at the school gym and watch a few basketball games. He really needed to get out of the house. Middle boy is trying to fill his big brother's shoes and learned how to operate the snow blower. For now, he still thinks it's big fun.

I do have some good C pictures for the ABC-Along but, as this is a knitting blog, I figured you'd rather see knitting today. First up, is a much better shot of the completed Madder Ribbed socks. This color has been so hard to photograph well but today I was able to use natural light on the windowsill to finally get a good picture. These aren't fancy socks and they don't make anyone ooh and ahh but they're the kind of socks that get worn over and over again because they're very warm and comfortable.

Madder Ribbed good

Progress on the Brigit socks had come to a standstill. First, there was the Scrunchable Scarf that I cast on for the Super Bowl. I became so enamored of the Malabrigo and the comforting was it knit up without any thinking at all that I put the sock aside. I decided to change Brigit just a little to center the pattern over the instep and I wasn't sure I had counted right and I was not in the mood to deal with a mistake that would involved lots of ripping so I continued to put it aside. Finally, I picked it back up yesterday when I had some quiet time and just started knitting. I may be off by a stitch but it may not be possible to not be off by a stitch. Now that I'm going again, I'm very happy.

Brigit heel

I love this pattern and this Zen Yarn Garden yarn. I have to decide very, very soon if these socks are for me or for my friend Claudia. I know Claudia would LOVE them - she plays in a Celtic band and would love the pattern - but I don't know if she'd properly care for them. I'll have to give her a call before I determine the final length. I wear a 10 and she wears a 7ish (I think). I hate to think of parting with them but I know how much she'd love them. It's a tough decision.