Saturday, February 16, 2008

Brigit #1 done

ice tree

We have had an unbelievable stretch of winter storms. This past week the snow kept piling up and the ice kept getting thicker. I don't mind hunkering down for a day or two but any longer than that and we start to go a bit stir crazy. Today was nice enough that I could drop Adam off at the school to watch the basketball games for a few hours. He needed to get out of the house more than anyone.

I spent the morning doing small chores. I've almost got Adam's bedroom finished and I'll be able to move onto Eric's. I'm kind of sad that they're no longer sharing a room but they're both happy to have their own. I baked some chocolate cupcakes for Jared because he wanted to frost and decorate them for Daddy for a belated Valentine's gift.

Brigit finished 1

In between it all, I finally finished the first Brigit sock. I stalled on the sock when Gigi passed away but I love the pattern and yarn so much that I pressed on. Now I'm knitting the socks in Gigi's memory. It's a wonderful pattern. I've made just a couple of modifications. I made the cuff a little longer, changed the heel to a slip stitch heel, and centered the pattern over the instep. I like the look of the centered pattern much better. I'll have to get a picture of the sock on my foot so you can see what I mean. I decided to give the socks to my dear friend Claudia. I made sure that she'd be willing to hand wash the socks before I promised them to her. Claudia is an amazing woman - I admire her in so many ways - and she truly deserves these special socks.

Before casting on for sock #2, however, I vowed to do something about this:

Monkey toes ouch

Way back in the first week of January, when we were on vacation, I wore these socks. One of the socks really annoyed me at the toe. When I finally took off the sock in frustration I found that I had never cut the yarn after finishing the kitchener. So, I just took out my handy dandy scissors and cut the yarn. Duh! I had never woven in that end and it came unraveled. I tossed it aside in disgust and it's sat on the desk for over a month. Today I pulled out some rows, and reknit the toe. Sadly, when I tried it on I found that with too many ends woven in at the toe it made it uncomfortable. I ripped it back out all the way to the beginning of the toe. This time I spit spliced the yarn together and reknit the toe. Well, I'm not quite done yet but I will be soon. When this sock is fixed I can cast on for the second Brigit.