Monday, December 03, 2007

What a day!

The day started out quietly enough. We all went to bed last night knowing that we'd wake to snow and we weren't disappointed. The boys got their schoolwork done quickly and headed outside. Oldest Boy knew that he had to get the driveway snowblowed before he could play with friends and set right to work.

snowy tree

I took advantage of the quiet time to sit down and knit a few rows. I'm hoping to finish this second Monkey sock so I can start some mittens. As I was enjoying my solitude, Middle Boy came running into the house to tell me that Oldest Boy had fallen through the ceiling. I went running into the garage and saw Oldest Boy hanging by his armpits between two beams. He has gone into the attic space over the garage to get sleds and the floor collapsed beneath him. He was able to catch himself from falling through onto the garden implements below but he couldn't get down without risking serious injury. I was able to maneuver the ladder below him and he climbed down without incident.

(to the left of the white beam is the entry to the attic space - to the right are the two beams he fell through)

The only injury Oldest Boy sustained is a large gash to his left hand. He recovered quickly and went out to sled with his brothers and the neighbor. They stayed out there almost all day.


My nerves were shot after this incident and I didn't have the ability to sit and knit and I wanted to distract myself from thinking of all the what ifs. I kept myself busy in the Izzy way (Grey's Anatomy reference). I spent the entire rest of the day baking and cooking.

baking supplies

By dinner time, we had Molasses cookies, Chocolate Crinkle cookies, bread sticks, and Italian Wedding soup. My nervous energy had delicious dividends. Oldest Boy is fine and I'm just counting my blessings.