Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finished Monkeys

monkey toes
Pattern: Monkeys
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy in Happy Forest
Needles: Size 2.5 mm Knit Picks Circulars
Modifications: I used a standard slip stitch heel instead of a stockinette one and added extra pattern repeats to the leg and foot to accommodate my big feet.

I cast on the first sock of this pair the night of the World Series. They were knit as good luck juju for the Red Sox and dubbed Green Monster Rally Monkey socks after the Green Monster in Fenway Park.

It's hardly original to knit Monkeys. There are 2,857 pairs on Ravelry alone. I really liked the pattern, however, and found it both addictive and quick to knit (despite the long time between casting on and finishing). I never memorized the pattern but it was very easy to follow and I like the socks a lot. The Dream in Color Smooshy is definitely my new favorite sock yarn. I can't think of a single bad thing to say about it. It's smooshy, has great color, lots of yardage, is pleasant to knit with, and has good stitch definition. I'm so happy to have more in my stash.

Finished Monkeys

I've got a list of knitting plans. I'm hoping to have a couple of finished objects that are not socks. I need to wind up some yarn and cast on for a hat and I need to finalize my plans for some mittens. Until then, I've cast on a simple plain vanilla sock with some of the Yarntini in my stash. I need to have something simple to knit for upcoming doctor, dentist and orthodontist appointments and plain vanilla socks are the one item I don't need any form of pattern for from beginning to end.