Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tree hunting

We went out for our annual tree hunting today. Usually, we're much more prepared and we go out on a warm October or November day and tag our tree. Then Mr. Baseball goes by himself in December to cut it down and haul it home. This year we weren't that organized so we did it all at one time.

First, we had to look at acres of trees and fight about debate the merits of each one. Some are too tall or too short; some too skinny or too fat. Some are just plain ugly. Eventually we found a tree to call our own.

THE tree

Oldest Boy did the honors of cutting down the tree by himself.

cutting it down

And I was there to catch it as it fell.

catching the tree

Oldest Boy proclaimed himself The Conqueror.

the conqueror

Finally, we loaded it onto a sled and Middle Boy hauled it out.

hauling it out

Mr. Baseball will get it set up complete with lights while I bring Oldest Boy to youth group this afternoon. Tonight, we'll decorate it as a family and tomorrow, while the snow falls, we'll be able to enjoy our new tree.