Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hitting the slopes

Jared and Adam

After all the storminess we've had in the last week, the weatherman predicted that today would be a beautiful New England winter day (I know it's not really winter yet but come on ... we've already had almost 2 feet of snow). Based on that forecast, I promised the boys I'd take them skiing today. That weatherman was spot on. It was a perfect day for skiing/snowboarding with temperatures in the 30s and very little wind. You might notice in the photo above that Oldest Boy is boarding with his winter coat unzipped and flying wide open (it makes a mother proud to see such a thing).

Back in April, our closest ski area had a special on season ski passes and we bought one for each of the boys (including Mr. Baseball). This is Oldest Boy's last year at home with us as he plans to attend high school next year. We fully intend to take advantage of our flexible schedule and ski as much as possible.


The older boys went skiing a couple of weekends ago but Youngest Boy was nervous about getting back on the slopes. He was a little timid at the start of the day but soon got his feet under him. By the middle of the day, he was zooming down the slopes.


It should be said that I don't actually ski. I CAN ski but I haven't for years and I don't intend to start. My job is to make sure we have everything we need, pack up snacks and lunches, get everyone ready to go, and then sit in the lodge to help the boys when they come in. I sat about five feet from this fire all day long knitting my Cherry Cordial sock. It's a tough life.